The invictus study

For Physicians

If you have patients with GIST who are looking for options, you may want to consider referring them to the invictus study.

The invictus study is a Phase 3 clinical research study to assess the safety and efficacy of the investigational drug, DCC-2618, in patients with advanced GIST who have received prior anticancer treatment. Key study eligibility criteria include:

Approximately 120 eligible patients will be randomized 2:1 to receive either DCC-2618 (150 mg) or placebo once daily by mouth. Upon disease progression, patients will be given options to change their study treatment: Those receiving DCC-2618 may increase their dose to 150 mg BID, and those receiving placebo may cross over to begin receiving DCC-2618 150 mg QD. Patients will be eligible to receive DCC-2618 for up to 2 years or until commercial supply is available. All patients will be required to attend study visits about once a month.

Please consider referring any potentially eligible patients for further evaluation.

Do you have a patient who may be eligible for the invictus study?

For additional information about this study and how to refer a patient, please provide your contact information below. Thank you for your consideration.

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